Admira Fusion Flow

The flowable version

Admira Fusion Flow offers all the advantages of Admira Fusion in a flowable – ranging from simple handling via biocompatibility to perfectly aesthetic results.

For the flowable, it was of particular importance to us to achieve a consistency with excellent surface affinity on the cavity walls and at the same time sufficiently stable to prevent the material from flowing out of the cavity. This is how Admira Fusion Flow demonstrates its full range of strengths.

Advantages for you:

  • Perfect handling thanks to “Flow on demand” – flowable under pressure but stable enough not to flow out of the cavity
  • Highly biocompatible, contains no classic monomers
  • Extremely low polymerisation shrinkage (2.75 % by volume)
  • Extremely resistant to discolouration
  • Excellent handling, simple high-lustre polishing
  • Compatible with all conventional bonding agents

Further information about Admira Fusion Flow is available here.