Pure ceramic for direct fillings

Based on the nano-hybrid ORMOCER technology

Imagine having the option of placing purely ceramic-based restorations chairside, and in just the same straightforward way as you are accustomed to from working with a good restorative composite. All of this has now become reality with Admira Fusion.

Admira Fusion unites the state-of-the art nano-hybrid filler technology with the innovative ORMOCER resin matrix based on silicon oxide. This unique technology makes Admira Fusion the worldwide first purely ceramic-based restorative material and offers several remarkable advantages in one – especially concerning shrinkage and biocompatibility.

Admira Fusion contains no classic monomers, such as Bis-GMA, TEGDMA or HEMA!

At the same time, Admira Fusion fits perfectly into your daily practice routine and can fully replace your universal composite – with regard to indications, handling, aesthetics as well as physical properties.

Get to know Admira Fusion:

Be it the packable or the flowable version, for 2 mm increments or as a bulk fill material.

Admira FusionAdmira Fusion FlowAdmira Fusion x-traAdmira Fusion x-base

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